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Dev Diary: Alpha Features

Several days ago, the first gameplay teaser of Nested Lands was released, where we revealed the features that will be available in the alpha version of the game. Let's take a closer look at them!


Gather materials scattered throughout the island to create essential items for building and crafting, including necessary tools and weaponry. Mastering this skill is crucial for your survival!


Within the biome lie a lot of resources essential for your survival, ranging from food to materials. These resources are scattered across the island, some are easily accessible, while others need tools such as axes or picks.


Create structures that are crucial for your survival while establishing a bastion of hope and civilization in this unforgiving world. As time passes, you'll be able to expand upon these foundations and start a new settlement with fellow survivors.

Points of Interest

Numerous Points of Interest are dispersed across the island where you find yourself after surviving a shipwreck. These locations are teeming with loot and enemies, each concealing their own narratives, which can't hide from an eagle-eyed explorer.


Rushing blindly into combat isn't always wise. At times, enemies may outnumber you or have superior arms and skills. In scenarios like that, stealth becomes your ally, allowing you to discreetly navigate dangerous territories or pocket necessary items from enemy camps.


In the harrowing realm of Nested Lands, and especially on this isolated island, you're not the only one struggling to survive. Various enemies lurk about — can you defeat them all?


The alpha iteration of the game introduces a dynamic combat system featuring stealth kills and a collection of weapons. Tailor your fighting approach to your preference or adapt to the circumstances at hand.

Status Effects

Your well-being is influenced by various factors, including hunger, cold, and thirst, each resulting in different status effects. Besides, environmental conditions play a role, too; for instance, proximity to fire can warm you up.

Make sure to leave your email here at the website to secure your place in the Alpha test and receive exclusive tester bonuses after the release!

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