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Dev Diary: Bandits and Wild Peasants

The Death Plague has completely decimated any resemblance of law and order in the world of Nested Lands. Those few that survived the initial outbreak have had to fight for their lives every single day, both against the everlasting threat of disease, and also against each other.

The enemies you’ll be facing in the game vary in their motivations and objectives. Some, like you, simply want to survive; but others have darker, more sinister goals. Some enemy types you will only encounter in certain regions, while others will be an everlasting threat throughout your journey.

In time, we will discuss them all here, from the Rogue Soldiers, the Corrupted Priests, the Mad Occultists, to the Infected Savages, but, for now, let us focus on the first foes you’ll be facing while exploring Norovellir.


Bandits are, without a doubt, the most common foe in the entire game. Unlike some of the other larger factions, bandits are not an organized force, but rather several independent groups composed of opportunistic ruffians who thrive on stealing the resources and items of other survivors.

To bandits, a fellow survivor is simply an opportunity for gain; and they act accordingly. A bandit who spots you will charge forward while calling for any nearby allies. While a single bandit might be considered weak, they are rarely alone, preferring to fight in numbers, and they will go to any lengths to achieve victory.

Wild Peasants

While bandits are more actively antagonistic in nature, searching for potential victims among the plagued wasteland they live in, Wild Peasants are more reserved, preferring simply to be left alone to their own efforts. Still, these former civilians will defend their farms with violence born of desperation and suspicion, and will attack any trespassers on sight, leaving the player with the question:

Are you willing to attack other survivors, who may have done nothing against you, in order to achieve your own objectives? Do you even care?

North Plains

As said before, these two groups will be the main adversaries encountered at the beginning of the game. The North Plains, the first region of Norovellir, is crowded with these foes, but it is not the only biome where they will appear. In the other regions, such as the Silent Forest, Wild Hills, and Dark Waters, you will also learn how both groups react to the presence of larger and more powerful factions, be it through servitude or conflict.

Of course, before describing such reactions and connections, we will first need to more thoroughly discuss the other enemy organizations first, which we will do soon. In the meantime, remember to wishlist the game on Steam, join our Discord server and, of course, sign up for the upcoming Alpha version of the game!

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