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Dev Diary: Behind the Teaser

As the alpha test release of the harrowing survival RPG, Nested Lands, looms on the horizon, we ventured into uncharted territory, capturing the essence of this grim universe through a captivating live action teaser. The filming journey was anything but straightforward, presenting us with unexpected challenges and exhilarating moments that pushed our creative boundaries. In this Dev Diary, we'll peel back the layers and reveal the challenges faced during the shoot.

Crafting a realistic world

In our live-action teaser, we strived to authentically portray the medieval ambiance of Norovellir's brutal post-plague world. To achieve this, we enlisted a team of skilled actors, makeup artists, and costume designers who helped us recreate the brutal medieval atmosphere:

  • Our actors are great enthusiasts of medieval aesthetics and history. For the trailer shooting, each of them was wearing meticulously crafted handmade costumes, complemented by authentic props, including real museum exhibits such as pots and helmets. No mass market or factory sewing, only handmade for advanced authenticity!

  • The blacksmith, a genuine professional, operated in an authentic medieval forge, able to craft real weapons. 

  • Severed limbs, so common in the harsh medieval world, were made by a prop artist who worked on Stranger Things — that's why they look so realistic!

  • The setting goes beyond mere decoration – we received a special permission to shoot our video in a genuine medieval village in Lithuania, which is under UNESCO's protection for its authenticity.

Unexpected Challenges

No filming can go without incident, especially while shooting such an epic video as the Nested Lands teaser. Several extraordinary situations almost derailed the filming process - but we overcame all the difficulties and made a captivating video you will see soon.

For example, during our shoot at the first location, the Bandits' camp, the director of photography decided to bring their car closer to the setting by crossing a small stream. However, he underestimated the softness of the soil, the car became stuck, and the crew had to get it out of there themselves, resulting in the loss of the car's bumper.

Another last-minute setback happened when a café we booked to serve as our base rejected us. Swiftly adapting, we secured the cooperation of a local church and its rector, gaining access to their premises. Our makeshift dressing room ended up being situated in a space originally designated for funeral services. The challenges of filming add a unique twist to the behind-the-scenes tales of Nested Lands! 

Despite all the challenges that stood in our way, we shot as much as 500 gigabytes of high-quality footage, and we're currently piecing together a spectacular teaser, conveying the brutal atmosphere of Nested Lands. 

Soon you will see it with your own eyes! In the meantime, follow our announcements on the Nested Lands Discord server — don’t miss the release of our epic video and other interesting news about your next favorite game. And, of course, remember to wishlist the game on Steam!

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