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Dev Diary: Surviving the Nested Lands

Updated: Feb 1

In Nested Lands, our aim is to seamlessly connect the survival and management elements and genres into one, thus creating something that is both unique and engaging. In a world that has been devastated by a mortifying disease, players will need to balance both aspects if they hope to stay alive. As we’ve said before: 

You must survive to grow your village, and you must grow your village to survive.”

The Player

Players in Nested Lands will find themselves constantly at conflict with their own needs. Hunger, thirst, warmth, energy, hygiene, and, of course, health and stamina are all parameters which will determine not only the player’s survival, but also how effective they are when doing any other actions.

Gathering food and drink is essential, but keeping warm, clean and healthy are also extremely important in order to explore, fight, and find the necessary resources to facilitate future initiatives. For example, eating a berry or an apple might be good enough not to starve, but, in order to truly conquer famine, players might wish to build a Cooking House, where more developed recipes, which not only sate hunger, but may also aid the player in other ways, such as curing certain status effects or even raising max HP, become available.

In addition to that, recruiting and hiring a good cook will help even more, allowing players to feed more people, further develop their settlement, and focus on other, more pressing matters. Speaking of which:

The Village

Surviving is all well and good, but a lone person can hardly hope to do more than that. In the desolate land of Norovellir, numbers are equal to strength. After preparing enough, players will want to venture out into the world, searching not only for new items and resources, but also for trustworthy people, capable of both improving day-to-day life in the village, as well as protecting it from those that may wish it harm.

Once recruited, NPCs will be able to undertake a variety of tasks that aid in the growth of the Village. From gatherers and farmers to cooks and blacksmiths, all the way to herbalists and even guards, these people will be the key to having a successful settlement. Still, players must engage with them often, not only to win their trust and help them with unfinished businesses, but also to keep an eye on potential troublemakers. With each NPC having their own skills and traits, which define what tasks they are more proficient in, these villagers may become the most important luxury in Norovellir, or one of its greatest hindrances.

Is that guard only going for a little stroll in the woods, or could he be hiding a darker secret?

The World

The world of Nested Lands itself is dying, if not dead already. The Death Plague has spread to all corners of the land, becoming a constant danger to even the more seasoned of survivors. If left unchecked, the disease will eat away at the very land,  possibly erasing all progress already achieved. Treatment is possible, yes, but with such scarcity of medicine and those capable of creating it, it would be all too easy to become overwhelmed, taking players right back to square one, or worse.

All in all, survival in Nested Lands goes beyond just making sure your character’s parameters are filled out. Players will need to form a network of trustworthy allies, recover resources and treasures, and make sure they are ready for all possible threats.

Preparation is key, and there is no better place to prepare than our Discord server.

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