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Dev Digest: April

Another month of dedicated effort has advanced us on the development path of Nested Lands. Here's a glimpse of what our team accomplished throughout April:

  • Finalized worldbuilding texts, including a total of 80 immersive notes scattered across all corners of Norovellir.

  • Curated detailed descriptions for the relics awaiting discovery throughout the game, enriching your village's Museum with tales of ancient wonders.

  • Created another set of costumes for the diverse array of village residents, attending to the smallest details to bring their professions to life.

  • Produced 37 concept arts, each showcasing unique designs for equipment that will aid you on your journey.

  • Designed new Tier 2 buildings and Points of Interest.

  • Crafted farming elements, such as garden beds and plants.

  • Formulated various random events to enrich the gaming experience.

  • Worked on a comprehensive Tutorial for the release version, including engaging world introduction dialogues.

With each milestone achieved, Nested Lands edges closer to its ultimate vision. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to pour our hearts and souls into crafting the ultimate gaming experience for you.

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