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Dev Diary: Shaping the World of Nested Lands

Updated: Feb 1

As the outstanding medieval world of Nested Lands unravels under our development, we're excited to share the latest news with you!

In search of unique visuals

Pursuing visual distinction, our team is deeply engaged in crafting concept art for NPCs, breathing life into villagers, as well as challenging foes like the Mad Occultists. In our early sketches, we explore the most appropriate vision for each character. The unique personalities of each of them begin to emerge - be it the hardworking residents or the insidious heretics.

To breathe life into the devastated lands, we’ve already designed over 60 unique items. Each thoroughly crafted piece tells a tale, immersing you in the brutal atmosphere of the medieval world.

Filling in the North Plains 

The North Plains, one of the four islands of Norovellir, is developing with careful attention to detail. The map is adorned with geographical elements such as rivers and woods, and points of interest, creating a vast and dynamic landscape for exploration.

Behind the scenes, we're hard at work sculpting the narrative. Quests are taking shape, intertwined with compelling NPC storylines. Each character has their own name, origin, and purpose. Also, tutorials are in the making to guide you through the complexities of the post-plague world and seamlessly immerse you in the story of Norovellir. Get ready to uncover tales that shape the very fabric of Nested Lands!

Bringing life to gameplay

In Nested Lands, NPCs are not mere bystanders. Witness enemies adapting to the ebb and flow of battle as they tactically retreat when defeated. 

Environmental realism is enhanced, with trees and stones becoming breakable. Equip the right tools and gather essential resources like wood and rocks for your survival journey.

Piece by piece, the gloomy but unique world of Nested Lands is taking shape and is preparing to welcome you, Survivor!

Stay tuned for further news and join our Discord for more information and arts!


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